“Beautiful and captivating”
Patrick Bishop Dallas, Texas

~~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

“I feel like I’ve gotten a sneak preview of the Academy Awards.”

Phil Hudson

“A magnificent job , a monumental and phenomenal testament to your talent and love for what you do. Everything was a reflection of your love of the out of doors, your keen eye for detail and, your ability to weave a story effectively. The music alone was outstanding and I am in awe of how you made it so perfect match each moment. I would really like to see it again – the two hours went by way faster than many movies I’ve seen in the theater that were “entertainment only” types. I felt engaged every minute, and came away very much more aware of the powerful message that you conveyed”.

Jan Hudson

“This is an important film statement about our planet and about your successful search for its true meaning. I was moved many times, seeing the frozen remains of the lady who died in her attempt to summit. So many times I felt there were little parables about the effort needed to achieve a meaning of our lives and the planet we were given, the air, the mountains, the snow……There was always a thread of urgency and sadness in the background, embodied for me by the brown bear scooting away from the falls with the last salmon……and the question…will we learn… in time to save it? It is rich in the color, the meaning and the challenge”.

Jim McArthur
Spokane, Washington

“I was truly impressed with the content and quality of the masterfully produced movie Wisdom Earned . Brilliant work. Very impressive, educational, addressing true and urgent needs, longing for action by companies, governments, but also individuals across the board. It’s a film that teaches, a film that will wake you up to make our world a better one instead of trying to destroy it. The photography is just phenomenal, so real, so understandable, so inviting. A true piece of art in its way. Congratulations! “

Klaus Huschke Germany

“We were blown away ! This is not a one sitting TV for the general public.. far too precious !
What a fantastic imaginative rendering of the tsunami… I loved the music.
Utterly marvelous…the photos of the mountain were lovely…
You are very talented with the script and the comments from all the climbers, Chris’s philosophy of life and the peace of the planet.
With gratitude…for such a lovely film”

Clare Goreau Waterford, Vermont

“The movie is perfect, don’t change one thing. I’m so blown away…. everyone else that saw it was to! I’m very touched and stunned by the powerful message of this film. Awesome job and Congratulations!” I hope millions of people everywhere can experience this film!”

Susan Jostrum Seattle, Washington

Breathtaking panoramic visuals of one man’s struggles and conquests on some of the most perilous mountains on the planet, and how a lifetime of facing hardship, danger, failure, death and ultimately victory on the way to the top, strengthens his perspective and deep concern of the losing battle and imminent extinction of our salmon fisheries, and how this extinction foreshadows
the death of our environment.

Lee R. Dreyer
Nutrition Research, inc.
Eureka, Mt.

Chris Kopczynski is taking us on an adventure to a deeper level. This film does a masterful job of weaving the spectacular scenery of mountain climbing with the incredible salmon migrations. One receives a deeper joy when seeing the accolades he receives from his family and friends.

Stephen Trefts
Spokane, WA

“Wisdom Earned shares a unique and uncommon view from one of America’s most unique and uncommon adventurers. Chris Kopczynski’s experiences on the tallest and most remote mountains of the world provide a brilliant platform for him to share his greatest challenge ever. A climb on one of Alaska’s most treacherous peaks, Mount Fairweather.”

Jon Jonckers
Spokane, Washington