Wisdom Earned – “A Mountain Climber’s Perspective”

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Gibby Media Group, Inc. announces the completion of a feature length documentary film entitled, Wisdom Earned, “A Mountain Climbers Perspective” ( 114 minutes). The feature documentary film, is based on mountain climber Chris Kopczynski’s life. It tells the story of what he learned climbing to the tops of the world’s highest mountains on seven continents, including Antarctica and Mt Everest twice. The film contains real life drama, stories of the human spirit, surrounded by and historical events. It contains major mountains throughout the world, the ocean, sea life, whales, the story of salmon, natural disasters, urgent environment concerns such as CO2 pollution, mercury, lead, nuclear radiation. It explains how Native American salmon runs were lost. It features exclusive footage never before shown to the public regarding events surrounding the building of Grand Coulee Dam and the Columbia river system. The film is suitable for families, adults, teenagers, children, and people from every nation in the world.

At 63, Chris Kopczynski had a goal and purpose to climb one more major mountain in the world, the little known Mt. Fairweather in Alaska. This is world’s highest coastal mountain from sea level to the summit. It took him three years to accomplish his goal to reach the summit. Mt Fairweather was Discovered and named by Captain James Cook. It remains a little known and mysterious, treacherous part of Alaska that most people have never heard of. It has the worst weather in the world with over 100 feet of snow per year. The sensitive story regarding the purpose for the climb and pilgrimage, is detailed in the film with the message all tied together in the end. Just below Mt Fairweather lies Lityua bay, the site of the largest Tsunami ever recorded in modern history, 1740 feet high, which occurred in 1958. The film recreates this incredible natural disaster tied in with the message of the film. By the end of the film the audience understands clearly the connection between mountain climbing, rivers, lakes, the ocean, salmon, and the environment. The tragic loss of the wild Salmon in his home town in Eastern Washington, is explored as well as his obsession for climbing is exposed. The film explores viable questions and options for bringing back wild salmon without tearing down dams, using proven fish ladder technology. Chris’s three attempts to reach the top of Mt Fairweather is told. Three climbers in there 60’s accompanied by a 20 year young man, set out to summit Mount Fairweather. The mission, to help Chris place his dads favorite lure on top, as a statement to the world. But many obstacles stand in their way. Will they make it to the summit? Real life drama, adversity, avalanches, storms and hidden dangers stand in their way. It’s personal, emotional, sensitive, authentic and real. The audience learns some treasures of wisdom from a mountain climber’s perspective, intermixed with powerful observations, inspiring stories of human spirit, love and hope. Filmed in Alaska, China and all over the world, the message has mass appeal to a worldwide audience.

The release of this sensitive film is timely, touching on many serious issues facing the world. The film was written and directed by Lon Gibby and co-produced by Chris Kopczynski and Lon Gibby. This feature documentary film has been entered in major film festivals from NY to London. An International theatrical release, and follow-up broadcast, Blu-Ray and DVD distribution will be announced in the near future. The film took three years to complete. For a private screening contact Lon Gibby. For updated info please go to www.wisdomearned.com or www.gibbymedia.com

Comments from private screenings

“I was truly impressed with the content and quality of the masterfully produced movie Wisdom Earned . Brilliant work. Very impressive, educational, addressing true and urgent needs, longing for action by companies, governments, but also individuals across the board. It’s a film that teaches, a film that will wake you up to make our world a better one instead of trying to destroy it. The photography is just phenomenal, so real, so understandable, so inviting. A true piece of art in its way. Congratulations! “

Klaus Huschke Germany

“Beautiful and captivating”

Patrick Bishop Dallas, Texas

“We were blown away ! This is not a one sitting TV for the general public.. far too precious !What a fantastic imaginative rendering of the tsunami… I loved the music. Utterly marvelous…the photos of the mountain were lovely…You are very talented with the script and the comments from all the climbers, Chris’s philosophy of life and the peace of the planet. With gratitude…for such a lovely film”

Clare Goreau Waterford, Vermont

“The movie is perfect, don’t change one thing. I’m so blown away…. everyone else that saw it was to! I’m very touched and stunned by the powerful message of this film. Awesome job and Congratulations!” I hope millions of people everywhere can experience this film!”

Susan Jostrum Seattle, Washington

“Breathtaking panoramic visuals of one man’s struggles and conquests on some of the most perilous mountains on the planet, and how a lifetime of facing hardship, danger, failure, death and ultimately victory on the way to the top, strengthens his perspective and deep concern of the losing battle and imminent extinction of our salmon fisheries, and how this extinction foreshadows the death of our environment”.

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