WISDOM EARNED – Earns an International Cindy Award


Gibby Media Group, Inc. has received a Silver CINDY award in the recent International CINDY Competition for “Wisdom Earned” A mountain climbers perspective. CINDY awards are presented to those individuals and groups who have produced programming that achieves the highest levels of excellence in production value and message effectiveness.

For last year’s regional and international events, over 9450 entries from around the world were judged covering 165+ subject-matter categories of media. Programs included websites, videos, mobile apps, podcasts, webinars, films, commercials, documentaries, music videos and more.

The feature 110 minute film documentary Wisdom Earned, was written and directed by Lon Gibby and Co-produced by Gibby Media Group, Inc. and world renowned mountain climber Chris Kopczynski.

Since 1959, the CINDY Awards have been honoring interactive and linear media for both broadcast and non-broadcast applications. CINDY is an acronym for “Cinema in Industry” and originated as an industrial film competition. It was created by the Industry Film Producers Association (IFPA), an American professional producer’s organization. A decade later, this group became the Informational Film Producers of America and, in 1984, the Association of Visual Communicators (AVC). Today, 12 Regional and 2 International CINDY Award events are presented annually by the International Association of Audio Visual Communicators (IAAVC), a group that continues to represent theatrical, broadcast, non-broadcast, and interactive media producing professionals throughout the world. More information about CINDY is available at www.CINDYs.com.

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