Premiere Showing of Wisdom Earned. October 10th, 7pm.

Located at the Spokane INB Performing Arts Center
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Wisdom Earned “A mountain climbers perspective” was co-produced by Chris Kopczynski and Gibby Media Group, Inc. Written and directed by Lon Gibby. This feature length documentary film, is based on the amazing life of Spokane mountain climber Chris Kopczynski. It tells the compelling story of what he learned climbing to the tops of the world’s highest mountains on seven continents, including Antarctica and Mt Everest twice.

Now there is just one more Mountain left to climb. At 63, Chris Kopczynski had a goal and to climb one last major mountain, the little known Mt. Fairweather in Alaska. This is world’s highest coastal mountain from sea level to the summit and remains mysterious, the treacherous part of Alaska that most people have never heard of. The sensitive story regarding the purpose for the climb and pilgrimage all comes together to demonstrate the importance and preciousness of the Earth, the Columbia River, and the lost salmon runs. Real life drama, adversity, avalanches, storms and hidden dangers build and surge to work against Chris Kopczynski as he triumphantly battles the elements and rises to the top.

The release of the film is truly needed more than ever. Touching on many serious topics the world is facing right now. Having taken three years to complete, this feature documentary film is slated to be entered in major film festivals this year and in 2015. The subject matter is genuine, sensitive, and touching.

You will get to know and understand what moves and inspires a great man named Chris Kopczynski, and his remarkable climbing partners. In the process you will gain some insight and wisdom about life, and learn more about the Earth and a place we call home.